Get the Gig

Posted by Leonie Harris

Get the Gig

*Unfortunately we have cancelled this event, apologies for any inconvenience caused*

Get the Gig is a music industry day designed to inspire, encourage and help develop young people in Lincolnshire, interested in making their passion a career.


You will have an opportunity to:

  • •Network and share experiences with industry professionals
  • •Meet like-minded people
  • •Learn more about:
  • -Approaching and being heard by radio stations
  • -Developing the necessary skills to succeed
  • -How to keep motivated and inspired
  • -How to stand out to gig and event organisers
  • We’ll even feed you!


Birmingham based singer/songwriter Lumi HD and the brilliant Mr. Holly - Creative Producer will be starting the day with inspiring keynote talks, offering an insight into their careers, how they’ve got to where they are and the highs and lows of working in the arts.

You will then choose 3 of the 4 following sessions:

  • FEEL INSPIRED: with Lincolnshire band, The Pylons
  • -This session will give you the chance to talk to real Lincolnshire musicians about how they started, what worked for them, how they got to where they are and how to channel inspiration.
  • BE HEARD: with Jono Brine and Hayley Ritchie; presenter and producer for the BBC Introducing Lincolnshire
  • -Radio play has always and will always be a crucial part of any musician’s journey to success. Jono and Hayley will be giving participants a step by step guide on how to use the BBC Introducing uploader, what stands out to them when selecting new music and the amazing opportunities that can be offered through the BBC Introducing system.
  • DEVELOP SKILLS: with Mark Lippmann from Scruff of the Neck, a Manchester based music collective specialising in national concert promotions, festivals, artist management and record releases.
  • -Development and growth is the key to a successful career in the music industry. Mark Lippmann will be delving into the necessary steps to enhance your future as either an artist or manager.
  • GET THE GIG: with Jay Jameson, Director of Lost Village Festival and Moda Black Record Label.
  • -For most artists, the eventual goal is to gig and perform live. The ‘Get the Gig’ workshop will be a conversational Q&A with Director Jay Jameson from Lincoln's own internationally renowned, Lost Village Festival.
  • The LOV team and a member of the National Foundation for Youth Music will also be around throughout the day.


This opportunity will give you a chance to talk to real, industry professionals face to face.

It will allow you to ask and discuss all those burning questions about your career and share you experience with a group of likeminded people. So whether you’re an aspiring artist, budding manager or general lover of learning about arts and music opportunities; Get the Gig will provide you with the grounding and contacts needed to help you progress your career.

Join the event to find out more!


Written by LOV Music Coordinator George Barnett.