Creative Young Minds Workshop with General Practice

Posted by Leonie Harris

Creative Young Minds Workshop with General Practice

Creative Young Minds are a group of young people that meet weekly at NCCD in Sleaford to curate and programme events and workshops for young people to enjoy and take part in. They are currently working towards creating their own Zines in response to the main gallery exhibition at NCCD The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful which is exhibiting from 28th January - 23rd April 2017.

This exhibition explores the potential (both good and bad) of the use of 3D printing in the modern world. The group have come up with an overall concept for their Zines – What would it be like if everything in the world was 3D printed? – and what if there was a glitch in the printer?

They are working either in pairs or on their own to create individual Zines containing stories inspired by this concept. They have been working on their creative writing – creating characters and story lines etc... for the last few weeks. On Saturday 21st January 2017 the group had a workshop with General Practice (gP) who are an arts collective based in Lincoln. The idea behind the workshop was for the young people to look at our own word/environment from a different perspective and with the concept of a glitch in mind.

gP developed special lenses that can be used on smart phones to capture a variety of images which are enhanced or distorted. For example, strong magnification, adding colour, or distorted glass creating fractured images. All of which were used to create images which represent the imaginary world in their stories.

The workshop went really well, the group engaged with gP and embraced the use of the lenses, they were able to capture some amazing images and now have the confidence to go off and capture even more without any support.

Next, the group will continue to work on their stories and to take more pictures to support the story as they need to. gP will come back and help them pick their final selections based on how their stories have developed. We will then have these images printed, along with any written material the group want printing and create a workshop zone for the group to put their work together into a publication.

If you want to get involved with any of our young people's group in an arts venue near you, then contact for more info.

Written by Project Worker Dawn Richmond-Gordon

Edited by Marketing Assistant Leonie Harris