LOV Film Festival

Posted by Leonie Harris

LOV Film Festival

With support from Film Hub Central East, part of the BFI UK-wide Audience Network, LOV will support four young programming groups as they plan their own Film Festivals!

Based at South Holland Centre in Spalding, Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough, The Collection and Usher Gallery in Lincoln and Stamford Arts Centre, these festivals are set to bring an exciting array of British and International Independent Films to a venue near you.

Each group have selected independent films based around their chosen themes, such as comedy and youth. They have been working closely with a LOV Project Worker, our LOV Film Project Coordinator, the venue managers and have had support from the Film Hub Central East to hand pick the best Independent films that are on offer for your viewing pleasure! During each weekly session the groups have been watching various trailers, researching, readings reviews and even watching lots of films, so they can be sure to pick an exciting range of films for their festivals.

As well as selecting films, each group have also been curating various wrap around activities for all the family. The activities will happen before or after a film screening and have been designed with a theme in mind. Some groups will be having music acts before the screening and others will be offering food appetizers, workshops and even exhibitions. All to make the film experience that bit more enjoyable and different.

Each festival in Spading, Gainsborough, Lincoln and Stamford is very unique, they all have different themes and a variety of activities, so if you are a film fanatic then why not travel to them all! The festivals start in October through to November 2016; 21st-22nd October at Trinity Arts Centre, 24th – 25th October at Stamford Arts Centre, 28th-29thOctober South Holland Centre and 12th-13th November at The Collection & Usher Gallery.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information to follow soon, including headlining films and tickets!