LOV Film Project Coordinator Blog!

Hi everyone!

I am the LOV Film Project Coordinator and it is my job to help guide the groups of young people in their decision making for the film festivals, which will include helping them decide on a theme for their festivals, booking masterclasses and workshops for the groups, buying the rights to programme their chosen films at their festivals and helping them put on wraparound activities at the festivals. I will also be booking 2 go and sees for the groups where we will be taking them to independent cinemas for film screenings or to an independent film festival where they can gain inspiration from the films programmed and the activities surrounding the film screenings.

When I started, the whole of the LOV team made me feel very welcome and were all super nice and helpful with any help I needed! I wanted to join the LOV team on the film project as I had just finished studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television at the University of Lincoln and was looking for a film or television related job to get into, as I didn’t want to come out of university and work in retail, for example, that would be a complete diversion from what I had just spent 3 years studying for! While at university I specialised in television production, where I had worked on the production of 3 studio-based television programmes. I wrote the script for my final year production, which is a psychological thriller about a girl who developed Dissociative Personality Disorder after her parents were murdered in a house fire and follows her journey through therapy where she realises that she was the cause of her parents’ deaths. As well as writing the script I was also the vision mixer and part of the set team and want to go into a career in television production as a camera operator, vision mixer and director.

I came across the LOV Film job opportunity as it was one of my university tutors who posted it on Facebook group for media students and applied straight away as it was one of the only film related jobs I had come across in Lincolnshire. I found that I had the experience needed for the role, such as working with young people, so thought it would be the perfect job to start off in after finishing university. During my first week, Emily had given me all the information needed for the project, such as a breakdown of the budget, to make sure I knew exactly what my role would entail. I was also given an initial to do list which I found extremely useful as it eased me into the role and I wasn't left wondering what I should be doing and was able to get straight on with tasks. During the first week I also attended the launch events for the film project across all the venues in Lincoln, Stamford, Spalding and Gainsborough. It was great to meet all of the young people who wanted to get involved in the project and it was also great to see some of the young people returned from other LOV projects to join the film project and to also see this project has brought new faces to LOV.

So far my role has mainly focused around recruiting more members to join the groups, especially in Lincoln, Stamford and Spalding as Gainsborough already has 14 members! The ways in which I have recruited people has been sending out emails to tutors at Universities such as Sarah Barrow, the head of school of film and media and the University of Lincoln who forwarded on the message about the film project to everyone at the university who studies a media degree. This helped bring in a good number of new members for the Lincoln group, which is great! I have also contacted secondary schools, colleges and youth groups in Spalding and Stamford and the recruitment continues!

The progress of each group is as follows...

The Collection & Usher Gallery:
This group meets weekly so are a little ahead in their decision making for the festivals compared to the other groups. They have decided on their theme, which is the representation of young people in film and like previously mentioned, have decided on a workshop they would like to receive. In terms of programming, the group have decided they want to screen some films at their festival that will be submitted to them from filmmakers as well as actively finding films to screen themselves and are working on a template for a submission criterion. They are also currently gathering together a list of potential films to look into screening at the festival that focus around their theme and are starting to think of ways to market their festival so I am going to set up a meeting with our marketing intern to go through their ideas with and starting to think of potential wraparound activities. Two of the group members have expressed an interest in taking their media career into organising film festivals, therefore have asked for a masterclass from a projectionist.

South Holland Centre, Spalding:
This group all have very different creative interests, some being interested in art, some animation and some cinematography. Therefore, have decided on the theme of Web 2.0 and New Media that focuses on the new era of technology society is in that includes more technical filmmaking equipment, CGI and how the internet has given a platform to amateur filmmakers. They will be programming films that includes all of these aspects of new media. The group have also begun to think of ways to market their festival.

Stamford Arts Centre:
This group have decided on the theme of films about music for their festival and are taking inspiration from films such as the Amy Winehouse documentary, the Freddy Mercury/Queen documentary and A hard Day’s Night that features The Beatles as they want to showcase films that will refer to artists who are considered music legends. Included in the wraparound activities across during the festival, the group would like to have elements of live music, such as bands playing between screenings and possibly only playing music by the relevant legends form the films programmed.

Trinity Arts Centre:
This group haven’t yet decided on a definite theme but have already expressed an interest in including performance during the festival. For example, we spoke about placing actors in the audience while films are being screened to react at certain points of the film and create atmosphere during the screenings. They also expressed an interest in performance based wraparound activities. Trinity Arts Centre Manager, Karen Whitfield, spoke to the group about what kinds of independent film bring in big audience members, which are films with popular British actors such as Julie Walters, so that has given the group something to think about when it comes to deciding on a theme for the festival.

Finally, I have worked on creating an info pack on potential go and see venues for film screenings and potential independent film festivals to go and see. In the info pack I have also included information for potential film festival organisers to come in for Q&As with the groups where they can ask questions on what it’s like to put on film festivals, how to market them and how to choose films to programme. As well as this, I have included potential independent film production companies the groups can contact if they want workshops or masterclasses in filmmaking.

Thanks for reading!