Orbis Motus

Posted by Leonie Harris

Orbis Motus

The Guildhall Producers are a group of young people aged 13-15 years from local Grantham schools who meet weekly to produce events for young people. They programmed a fantastic orchestra concert ‘Orbis Motus’ (World Emotion in Latin) on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at St. Wulfram’s Church in Grantham.

They started their current project in January and been meeting weekly to programme a concert aimed at introducing orchestra music to younger audiences. The group were given full control over the event from choosing the music, creating a narrative, designing the technical aspects of the concert, designing the programmes and even working with a composer to create some new music that they performed with the orchestra.

The Lincolnshire Music Education Hub partnered with professional orchestra Manchester Camerata, to have them perform live a set of music specially selected by the young programmers. The group also had imaginative ideas to create a narrative for the event, they created the characters ‘Amadeus Fink’ (MI6 agent and classically trained musician) and ‘Silencio’ (music thief) with the idea that music was being stolen from all around the world by the evil Silencio and the mighty Amadeus Fink must face challenges to restore classical music. This gave the concert a unique edge and was a fresh approach to enlivening classical music for young people. Over 625 children from both primary and secondary schools in Grantham came to watch the concert with showings at 11am and 1:30pm which was brilliant!

The dedicated members of the group each took on roles to help organise and run the event, we had a stage manager, designer/ technician, actor/ front of house, narrator/ photographer, creative director, script writer, orchestra liasion and media officer/ narrator/ actor. Guildhall Producers embraced these roles and did a fantastic job both in the programming and during the event! This presented a unique opportunity for young people to experience event organising and gave them a chance to learn new skills in their various roles, it was also an opportunity to perform and have their say on how they would like a classical music concert to be and what other young people would like.

This unique opportunity was made possible with partnerships from Lincolnshire Music Education Hub, professional orchestra Manchester Camerata, Orchestras Live, Guildhall Arts Centre and St Wulfram’s Church.

If you would like to be involved with projects like this then contact us to find your local decision making group across arts venues in Lincolnshire. You just need to be 12-25yrs and interested in the arts. The groups are free to join so come along! Contact Leana Sherwood for more information.