Community driven creativity

Connecting Communities is an ambitious four-year project that has at its heart our aim to forge meaningful links between our network of venues and the communities that they serve.

The project continues until the autumn of 2023 and is in its final phase of work. The Connected Communities Creative Grants have been awarded to artists and groups across Lincolnshire to enable projects to be delivered right in the heart of the community. We have opportunities for community members to increase their understanding of local activity organisation, providing skills and opportunities to gain experience. And we will share what we learn, using a mixture of tool-kits, conference activity and opportunities for our peers to get involved.

Connecting Communities is broadly divided into three strands:

Intergenerational – uniting people across the generations in a love for creative activity and celebrating what people of different age groups can learn from each other and what we all have in common.

Disabled People and those with Access Needs – providing opportunities for all to link with local venues and to create inspiring artworks out in the community.

Young Children and Families – introducing the next generation to creativity and supporting families that would love to have the arts at their heart. By young we mean 0 – 12 years old.