EVOLVE: Film Through the Ages

Posted by Kate Newman

EVOLVE: Film Through the Ages

EVOLVE is a Youth Music funded programme that aims to build relationships between schools, cultural organisations and venues to create a more diverse music offer for children and young people across rural Lincolnshire. Over the course of just 10 weeks we empower a group of students from and help them create their own live music event which is both produced and performed by the students.

Normally these young music producers would showcase their event live on stage at one of our networks arts centres, but due to the Covid emergency this has not been possible.

We have been very fortunate to work with the fantastic Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Horncastle, who allowed us to come in and film the students performances and create a digital concert instead. This fantastic film 'Film Through the Ages' is the collective vision of the students involved - and what an amazing bunch they are! We're very proud of them.

You can watch the film from the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School website or from the Louth Riverhead Theatre website. Or watch the recording from our Facebook premiere event on our Lincolnshire One Venues page.