Can you help us get better at Social Media?

Posted by Julian Hanby

Can you help us get better at Social Media?

We are seeking to engage a freelance Social Media Trainer. Our organisation currently doesn’t make full use of social media and we’d like to gain a better understanding of how it works and what platforms are current.

The training should cover:

  • A brief introduction to the various platforms available, and how they work
  • Changes to Facebook and the way the new content creator works
  • Getting the full benefit of Twitter and Instagram
  • When to use what platform
  • An overview of other platforms
  • Demographics – who uses what, how and when

We imagine that this will be a half-day session and that it will take place in person rather than online. The trainer will have a good understanding of the use and benefits of Social Media in an arts context, specifically for organisations rather than individuals.

The training session will be arranged to suit all involved.

For more information and to apply please click this link:

Trainer JD