*Call Out* Everything We Are

Posted by Leonie Harris

*Call Out* Everything We Are

*This opportunity has now closed*

It’s Everything We Are.

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre invite you to join them in making a brand-new theatre performance to be shown in the world-renowned Paines Plough Roundabout Theatre at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre's Pop Out Festival 2017.

Everything We Are will be an original piece of theatre – created over the course of just one month – by a unique ‘pop-up’ theatre company that you can be a part of. How the final piece comes together will be shaped by you and everyone who volunteers to form the company.

By taking part in this project, you’ll attend a series of inspiring workshops, designed to get you thinking, creating and performing. The sessions will be led by theatre maker and performer, Rachel Baynton – co-artistic director of the critically acclaimed Proto-type Theater. These workshops will result in a one-off show, to be performed in the Roundabout as part of Lincoln Performing Arts Centre’s Pop-Out Festival 2017.

You can find out more or get involved by contacting Phoebe at pwall-palmer@lincoln.ac.uk or 01522 837600

Current Schedule




Meeting, chatting, drinking, eating, laughing, playing

Waterside Centre

Sat 16 September


Where have we come from and where we are going

Waterside Centre

Sun 17 September 2-5pm

What we know and what we don’t

Waterside Centre

Thu 21 September 2-5pm

What we are good at

Waterside Centre

Sat 23 September


How we are the same and how we are different

Waterside Centre

Thu 28 September 2-5pm

What we want to change

Studio 1, LPAC

Sat 30 September


Bringing it together

Studio 1, LPAC

Sun 1 October

from 10am

Final Performance

(followed by a little celebrating!)

Roundabout Theatre

Sun 1 October


What is this?

Everything We Are is a community theatre project taking place this September.

Over the course of the month, and with the help of a professional theatre maker, you’ll take part in a series of inspiring, creative workshops, designed to get you thinking, making and performing,

The workshops will result in the creation of a unique and original piece of theatre that you will perform on the stage of the Paines Plough Roundabout Theatre, in front of a ticketed audience.

Who is it for?

Anyone in the Lincoln area is welcome to volunteer and participate, though there is a lower age limit of 16yrs. You don’t have to have any previous theatre experience, you just need to be open to meeting new people and trying new things!

Who is involved?

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre is a vibrant, contemporary arts organisation, open to the public, and based at the University of Lincoln Brayford campus. They host the best in presented work from comedy to new writing, family shows to classical music, and innovative classics to contemporary performance.

Lincolnshire One Venues

Lincolnshire One Venues is a network of nine arts venues in Lincolnshire who work together to commission and collaborate. The Young People’s Programme supports young artists aged 12-25 in producing their own art events and having their voices heard as decision makers in the county.

Paines Plough: The Roundabout Theatre

Paines Plough have produced more than 170 new plays by world renowned playwrights like Abi Morgan, Sarah Kane, Mark Ravenhill, Dennis Kelly, Mike Bartlett and Kate Tempest. They’ve toured those plays to hundreds of places from Orkney to Off-Broadway in their purpose built, pop-up auditorium – The Roundabout Theatre.

Lead Artist: Rachel Baynton, co-artistic director, Proto-type Theater

Rachel is a writer, performer and director. She is co-artistic director of Proto-type, a company of multi-disciplinary artists who have been creating and touring original performance work to the US, the Netherlands, Russia, China, Armenia, France, Zimbabwe and across the UK since 1997. Critics have called their work ‘an intriguing brush with altered reality’ (New York Times), ‘daring, experimental and theatrically engaging’ (Theatremania) and ‘enthralling’ (Zambezi News).

What can I expect from this experience?

• A chance to meet new people and work together to create something unique

• Space to share a little about yourself and express your own creativity

• The chance to gain new skills and use existing ones.

• Fair and respectful treatment.

• The opportunity to perform in the Paines Plough Roundabout Theatre

What is expected of me?

• That you’ll be as fully involved as possible, attending as many workshops as you can

• That you will be present and able to participate for the entire last session on the day of the performance

• That you’ll work together with the group, treating others fairly and with respect

How long are rehearsals?

There are 7 rehearsals over September, each lasting between 2 and 3 hours. On the day of the performance there will be additional rehearsals during the day (please see the schedule).

Do I have to attend all of the workshops and rehearsals?

This would be ideal but we realise that it may not always be possible, especially midweek. The final day of the project is very important though, and you must be able to attend for the full day in order to participate in the performance.

For any questions or queries, please contact Phoebe at pwall-palmer@lincoln.ac.uk or 01522 837 600.

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Blog written by Phoebe Wall-Palmer