LOV Introduces is BACK!

Posted by Joelle Vella

LOV Introduces is BACK!

Would you be interested in performing in any of our venues across Lincolnshire? We give you the opportunity to perform in the foyers of many of our venues across the county who want to showcase young musicians to their audiences! They are looking for you to perform your set before their programmed main show or event. Your marketing and PA would be provided, all you need to do is come along and play!

We hope this opportunity will give you a platform to get your music heard or even help you grow your confidence as a performing musician in your own local venue.

If you are interested please apply to play using the form below:


If you have any questions or want any more information, please don’t hesitate to email Emily at - lovintroduces@litc.org.uk

Alternatively you can contact us via Facebook (facebook.com/LOVintroduces) or Twitter (@LOVYPP)