Free LOV Leadership Workshops

Free LOV Leadership Workshops

LOV is offering you the chance to gain some experience of leading a team, something all of us find ourselves doing eventually. We’ve commissioned professional artists to come into our Decision making groups all over Lincolnshire and give sessions for our young people to develop the leadership skills.

These one off sessions are to help our young people build a foundation of leadership and teambuilding skills that they can use to develop their own work both as a group of young programmers but also in their school work and their jobs.

Clare and Al who are running these sessions have worked in professional theatres over the last decade in range of roles and are happy to be able to pass on a little bit of their experience to young people across Lincolnshire. Their session will focus on empowering young people to take charge and run more ambitious and exciting projects.

You can come join one of these session in the following places this week.

Tuesday 25th November at the Drill from 4:30pm
  at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre at 7pm
Wednesday 26th November at The Collection and the Usher Gallery
Thursday 27th November at the Riverhead Theatre, Louth at 4:30pm
If you’d like to let us know you’re interested email us at