A new house just like the old house, only NEW!

Posted by Alice White

A new house just like the old house, only NEW!

Spring 2016 - dates to be confirmed

Middlefield Lane Estate,

The group will temporarily occupy one of the houses on the estate and create a pop-up ‘Back to the Future show home’ by ‘restoring’ some of the interior spaces back to how a typical home might have looked in 1966. The house will be open for visitors and will be used as a communal exhibition space. It will commemorate the history of the estate, provide space for artistic interventions and workshops - possibly theatre based for residents young and old.

Part of Back to The Future 2015-2016
Middlefield Lane Estate, Gainsborough

Kate Genever and Steve Pool – aka The Poly-Technic.
Dr Ian Waites – University of Lincoln.
Alice White – LOV young peoples project.

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