Calling out to new artists

Posted by Jess Patten

Calling out to new artists

If you are a musician who is wanting to get into performing then look no further because we have a great project called LOV introduces. For some of you that do not know what LOV introduces is, it is pre-show entertainment for people that are waiting to watch a show. LOV introduces want fresh new talent from ages 12-25, this is a volunteered opportunity.

There is a little bit of an outline of what we do throughout the project. My name is Jess and I am working alongside my colleague David, we are currently working on this project for work experience from Access to music. Since working on this project myself and David have developed a variety of skills. We are enjoying every moment of work experience especially with the LOV introduces project. If you are wanting to get any information please take a look at the website Access to music.

Because LOV introduces is voluntary based it gives you the chance to not only show people talent that you have, but also gives you the confidence to get up and perform to people that are waiting to see a show. Musicians that have already been apart of this project have gone away with a great experience and loved every moment of it.

So for all you musicians out there that are wanting to perform, please share your interest on behalf of yourself or someone you know and email:

For musicians that are interested please send a voice clip or YouTube video to the email above.

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