Encourage, Create, Promote Conference 18/10/16

Posted by George Barnett

Encourage, Create, Promote Conference 18/10/16

On the 18th of October, I attended a conference in Stowmarket dedicated to work being done by, and for, young promoters & programmers nationally.

As the Music Project Coordinator, and having worked closely with LOV as a musician since 2013, Emily thought it would be a great idea for me to have a short segment in her presentation to talk and discuss with participants at the conference about my experience’s as a ‘young person’ and what skills and opportunities LOV has given me.

The day consisted of five 30 minute talks, including one from LOV, about what we all do as companies; how we get funding, work with venues/schools and how we’ve successfully given young people in our local areas opportunities within promoting and programming that they would never receive normally.

Our hosts for the day, ‘Creative Arts East’, kicked off the talks, presenting their Young Music Promoters programme and were followed by ‘Air & G’, ‘Black Country Touring’, ‘Young Promoters Network Wales’ and finishing with Emily and myself at Lincolnshire One Venues; all discussing individual views on nurturing creativity, impact from being involved and the challenges each company has faced and overcome.

Following the presentations and a quick lunch, we were all given the choice to participate in two of the three workshops laid on for all participants. I first took part in a workshop led by Creative Arts East, in which we were given a true-life scenario, guided by three excellent Facilitators, to learn the process of becoming a young promoter. From selecting our performers and organising our team, to marketing an event and creating an evaluation once the project had ended. All bases were covered with exciting and thought-provoking discussions throughout.

The second workshop I attended was excellently ran by two young people, aged 14 and 15, who organise, promote and programme events at ‘The Garage’ in Norwich as part of ‘The Garage Youth Forum’ abbreviated as ‘TGYF’. The highly enjoyable workshop was all about utilising a mixed skill set to produce successful live events (focusing mainly on live music) and offering assistance and advice on how to bridge the gap between young people and adults.

The day itself was highly insightful and the general consensus between everyone in the room was that collaboration and communication between these similar and successful organisations was the key; knowing that together we will grow and establish brilliant networks to help one another achieve even more and give young people future opportunities.