It's LOVely to be here!

Posted by Kate Newman

It's LOVely to be here!

Hello everyone, I’m Kate and I’m thrilled to say I am the new project worker for Lincolnshire One Venues. For me, it truly is a dream to work here, as although I had a wonderful time at school and doing drama with youth groups, I never had some of the CV building, confidence boosting, life affirming opportunities that LOV offers it’s young people. To be a part of a network who is literally sharing the LOV across the arts centres of Lincolnshire is amazing.

I am primarily from a theatrical background. I have a degree in Drama and a Master’s degree in Playwriting both from the University of Lincoln… basically I love it here in Lincoln and it can’t get rid of me!! I have been an actor with The Lincoln Company, The Lincoln Stage Company, I have even formed a theatre company (along with a good friend of mine) Six & 2 Three’s. I am an aspiring playwright in my spare time and my first play was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival… I am very proud of my dramatic achievements, but to be able to help others with their own artistic pursuits is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

My first week has been pretty hectic. I am taking over as project worker in three of the network’s venues and each of them have projects coming up really soon. I first met with Amplifed at the Stamford Arts Centre who not only put on Open Mic Nights but are also working on a Wallace and Gromit Film Day, which is very exciting, as those who know me well know how much I love crackers and cheese! I then met with the Guildhall Producers at the Guildhall Arts Centre who are involved in a MASSIVE project called Orbis Motus (on very soon…eek.) It is sure to be spectacular. Then finally, I met with Fretless at the Lincoln Drill Hall, who will be performing as part of Give a Gig week, and are showcasing some talented local bands, which I’m looking forward to dancing (badly) to.

I am currently in the middle of a first aid course so I am looking forward to completing that and getting my certificate. Also, I am looking forward to leading on the Outreach programme, and trying to engage with more young people in areas not yet covered by LOV. But most importantly I am looking forward to be working with some really wonderful people from the young people, to the venue management and staff, to my lovely new colleagues. I know it is going to be a delight to work with them all.