Lincoln Art Summer School - Star City

Posted by Leonie Harris

Lincoln Art Summer School - Star City

Lincoln Art Summer School Star City is run by Lincolnshire One Venues in collaboration with The Collection and Usher Gallery and Art Collective General Practice. The week long workshop is an opportunity for 12-25's to push the boundaries of what art can be through Sound as art, Experimental Photography, Film, Drawing, and Sculpture. It offers participants the chance to view their surroundings in a different and creative way. They can explore sites and discover new and unique ways of extracting data from different environments and turning it into art works.

The first few days saw the participants exploring the Lincoln Arboretum and Lincoln Castle to collect data such as sounds, images and objects. They took photographs through different lenses to distort the image, and give it a unique effect. All the participants have focused on their own interests and produced various works of art, some people have written a narrative to go alongside the work and others drawings. Participant Siân enjoyed “learning different technique I haven't done before, it’s been an amazing experience”.

One group took videos on the site visit, which they have now projected onto screens, and then created stencils to layer on top of the video, this makes an interesting backdrop for the sci-fi themed project. Participant Conner has enjoyed “meeting people who have the same way of working as meet, it’s great to be around other similar artists”.

Another group made a poster to advertise their exhibition which will exhibit all the art works they have made. Others worked on set designs for Star City and sound recordings, to play during the exhibition. The group collected lots of different sound samples from their site visits, including radio frequencies. They also collected recordings of them playing their own instruments, such as a clarinet and ukulele. They then distorted the sounds to give a sci-fi vibe. General Practice artist Ross Oliver says “The work the young people have produced has been spontaneous, they went out and came back with lots of sounds to use as a resource to create sci-fi sounds. There’s going to be sounds playing throughout the exhibition and also individual cuts for some animation pieces”.

General Practice Curator Nick Simpson says the summer school “happened organically, they went out and got some good material and for the last two days, they have been manipulating them. The whole process has been fluid and they have been bouncing off each other. The exhibition is going to be in a workshop style, to show the creative process”.

The Star City exhibition is available to view at The Collection and Usher Gallery, 1 Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP all through August 2017. Check out the young people’s fantastic work and feel inspired. If you’d like to follow the process of the summer school search #starcitylincoln17 on Instagram and twitter.