LPAC Producers: 2016 and beyond ...

Posted by Michael Woodhall

LPAC Producers: 2016 and beyond ...

In the past few months, LPAC Producers has gone through some changes; new members come and go each year and therefore the programme has to be adaptable in order to fulfill the needs of its participants.


The staff at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre are now including young people in every aspect of the venue as shadowing opportunities are available in the Marketing, Box Office and Technical departments. This gives group members the chance to gain hands-on skills in areas they are keen to develop in, as well as having a real sense of ownership in the venue and the way it functions.


Another new strand to the programme is the regular masterclasses, workshops and discussions lead by a variety of professionals across the theatre and arts industries. So far we have had artistic directors of venues discussing programming and producing, theatre companies talking about starting a company as well as workshops focusing on applications and CVs and chats with recent graduates.

Programming and commissioning

LPAC Producers are given many opportunities to visit festivals such as Edinburgh Fringe and Bite Size Festival at Warwick Arts Centre. This is for two reasons; to see work that is already booked for the venue in order to understand the shows when assisting the marketing team, and to choose shows to be added to the programme at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. This really does give our members a great opportunity to take control of their venue!

Recently, the group have programmed Louise Orwin's show 'Pretty Ugly' as part of Frequency Festival and assisted with the marketing for JOAN by Milk Presents ...

(LPAC Producers taking part in the 'Drag-up' in order to promote JOAN. #JoansArmy)

In the coming months we will be planning the FreshArts Fayre - an event that brings together local creative businesses and University Societies to inform students and the wider community about arts opportunities across the county. We will also be visiting more festivals and continuing with the shadowing and masterclasses.


If you are interested in hearing more about the group or how to join, drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter (@LPACProducers) Alternatively you can email us on lpacproducers@gmail.com