Premiere of The Ill-iad.

Posted by Kate Newman

Premiere of The Ill-iad.

Last month on the 17th of September, LOV teamed up with professional video production company Blueprint:Film to host a 'Make a film trailer in a day' workshop. The workshop was an all day event and took place at Stamford Arts Centre. The idea was to give young people with an interest in film and film making the opportunity to create their own film trailer which would then go on to be shown on the big screen at Stamford Arts Centre. The created film trailer is to be shown before the feature film The Odyssey on Sunday 15th October.

On the day we had 3 young people turn up to create and get involved, two of which were long time members of the decision making group Amplified. The group were introduced to the idea and got to watch the film trailer for The Odyssey and some examples of well made film trailers. It was then time to come up with a concept for their own film trailer. The group wanted to create a trailer that had a spoof like element to it, keeping it young and fresh. From The Odyssey trailer they took the notion of a man exploring the unknown and began to think of a way to take this concept and make it accessible to young people today. The idea of a young man not being able to leave his house because of a severe fear of germs was created. The group fleshed this idea with characters and central conflict of the main character being attracted to a passing girl, who he falls in love with and wants to get to know more, but to do that, he will need to leave his house. A superb idea, I'm sure you'll agree...I wonder why Steven Spielberg hasn't yet come up with such a concept, but such is the talent and imagination of the young people we work with!

Acting roles were assigned, but unfortunately only one member of the group wanted to be in front of the camera, but luckily the LOV project worker there on the day had a degree in drama, alas that project worker was me and despite having a degree in performing was rather out acted by her young co-star! The other members of the group were more interested in the technical side of film making, so one worked as the cameraman and the other took control of the sound. The group came up with a list of establishing shots which would tell the story of the film without giving away the full plot of the film (as so many film trailers do - annoyingly.)

It was then a simple case of going out into Stamford and getting all the shots needed to create the trailer. Once that was done, the group returned to Stamford Arts Centre to edit their footage. The end result is really very impressive considering the group had only a matter of hours. The day was lots of fun and some learnt new skills, others did what they love, and some got roped into doing some acting but that's ok because it was helping create the young group's artistic vision!

Since the workshop day, the group have met up with LOV film co-ordinator Ben to discuss the film screening of the trailer and subsequent feature film The Odyssey. The group are hoping to create some film notes to give out to the audience before the screening and the group are hoping to do a short presentation about the film making experience before the final trailer is shown to its audience.

If you are interested in seeing the final result, you will need to get a ticket to The Odyssey at Stamford Arts Centre, tickets can be bought from the box office or online at:

We are also repeating the whole experience again, not once but twice more! We have two further film making workshops on Sunday 15th October and Friday 27th of October. So if you're aged between 12-25 and fancy creating your own film trailer, then please get in touch with me for more information. My email address is A workshop place is £15, but there are a number of FREE places up for grabs, you simply need to fill out a bursary form. To get a form simply drop me an email.