RHP Comedy Night

After weeks of planning and hard work, we're delighted that RHP Comedy Club on Friday 23rd October was a success! Our acts were all fantastic and made for a great night of comedy! As a group we have always thought that Louth is missing a comedy club and we are so thankful for the support we get from the people of Louth!

We kicked off with our MC for the evening Keith Lyon (Stuart Spendlow) whose hilarious drunken rendition of 12 days of Christmas had us all thoroughly entertained and was a perfect start to the event. We were then treated to some classic Cook & Moore sketches from John Hewer and James Burgess which were brilliantly re-enacted. Finally we had the BBC New Comedy Award Winner, Steve Bugeja. Steve is a true pro and his Solo show 'Day Release' was every bit as good as we thought it would be, our faces hurt from laughing!

Please do keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming events, we hope to cram even more exciting events into 2016!