The Estate Projection

Posted by Tamsyn Webley

The Estate Projection

Last night, the LOV team were invited to a projection night on Middlefield Lane estate. The projection was a collection of footage Poly-Technic had collected with Dr Ian Waites, of residents on the estate (past and present) and the work they had been doing in the area with the LOV team.

When we arrived the projection was in full swing and there were many young residents watching the images and videos being projected onto the side of a two storey building. The young people were engaging with the work Kate and Steve (Poly-Technic) were doing and seemed to be enjoying themselves, running around and creating shadow puppets with the projection and taking pictures next to the giant projected version of themselves.

Overall, it was a great night of engaging residents of the estate with the Back to the Future project. To see the past and present footage of the estate, and having been there last night, it is clear to see the ‘community and togetherness’ that Steve and Kate spoke about in their blog and I look forward to working with Poly-Technic, Dr Ian Waites and the residents of the estate more in the future.