We loved Edinburgh!

Posted by Leonie Harris

We loved Edinburgh!

In August 2017 the LOV team returned to Edinburgh Festival Fringe to scout for new shows to possibly programme into our arts venues. We took a group of young people with us and split up each day to see as many shows as possible. Some days we saw up to 5 shows each! We took show recommendations from our venue managers, young people, LOV team and the Fringe community for our project worker Tamsyn Webley, to take on board when planning the trip.

The young people got to experience the vibrant festival, explore the cultural city of Edinburgh and sample some of the best performances the world has to offer. Rosie says she feels she has gained “some experience in programming when watching shows, and thinking what would be suitable to bring back to Lincolnshire. Finally, I have been able to see how marketing works in a festival environment and take inspiration from flyers and posters to use in my own work”. Maisie says that from being a part of this experience she has “definitely seen a lot of theatre that I would never normally see on a day to day basis, and the large amount of shows that we fitted into each day was amazing”.

Lydia says that “there have been elements in shows that have inspired me for future performances” and so she will take this from her experience to help her future. And George says “this sense of perspective will also help me in my university course and looking at what will be popular with audiences”.

We received a lot of positive feedback from the young people on their experiences, George said “It is a very good experience that is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish and Edinburgh is such a lovely city which just adds to the enjoyment of the whole event”. Rosie says “I’m so glad I applied for this fantastic opportunity. I have had the best time and have seen some amazing work and have met some great people along the way!” It is clear from the young people’s feedback that they enjoyed their experience and it has had a great impact on their lives.

We recently met with the venue managers at their network meeting, the young people presented their 3 favourite shows each and we had a Q&A. The venue managers liked some of the recommended shows and so watch this space for fresh new artists and performances coming to Lincolnshire programmed by our young people! #LOVed17 #edfringe