LOV Festival Needs YOU!!!

Posted by Tom Briggs

LOV Festival Needs YOU!!!

We are looking for a group of Festival Directors! These roles are outlined below, and we are seeking two young people aged 14-25 for each role, at each venue (e.g. 2 Artistic Directors in Stamford and 2 in Grantham). To find out more about LOV Festival (happening in April 2014), please see www.facebook.com/LOVFestival:

Artistic Director
As the Artistic Directors, you will be responsible for the festival theme, concept and allocating groups/artists with specific briefs and events. You will be passionate about the arts, culture, music, performance, film and more, with an understanding about the power of young people to create something brilliant!

Marketing Director
The Marketing Directors are responsible for getting the word out! A LOV Festival brand was created in 2013, but there is still a lot of work to do to ensure that this brand is recognised, and the festival is promoted across Lincolnshire and beyond. You will work closely with the marketing teams at your venue, writing press releases, working on the social media, distributing printed material and blogging about the process. You should be interested in writing, design, photography, social media, communication, with a passion for telling everyone about the festival! You should be confident, committed and see the value in young people creating their own events.

Finance Director
The Finance Team at LOV Festival have a big job! You will be responsible for the budget, how it is spent, thinking about the sustainability of the project. You will have a passion for finance, business and have the confidence to make tough decisions.

Operations Manager
As the Operations Manager, you are responsible are making sure LOV Festival will run smoothly! Working closely with Front of House, Technical Team, Room Bookings Manager and the Café, you will co-ordinate what happens where and when. You need to be brilliant at planning, time management, and have the ability to see the bigger picture, whilst remembering the details!

Artist Liaison Manager
The Artist Liaison Manager is in charge of ensuring all activities and events will actually happen! You will be responsible for contacting artists, making sure all artists and groups have completed the correct paperwork, everyone understands when/where to arrive and they know their budgets! You will have fantastic communication and negation skills, as it will be your responsibility to lay the foundations for the festival.

General Festival Maker
You are passionate about events, and want the opportunity to get involved in something big! You may be able to volunteer during the actual festival week, or want to support the Festival Directors in any way you can.

Make sure you explain what you want to get involved in, even if you don’t want to take a lead on a specific section, we need a lot of help!

If you are interested then just fill out this Application form and send it to Emily@lincolnshireonevenues.com or drop it into Guildhall Grantham or Stamford Arts Centre.