The Riverhead Producers Presents: The One Year Anniversary!

Posted by Emily Bowman

The Riverhead Producers Presents: The One Year Anniversary!

My name’s Lucy, I’m 17 years old and
currently attending sixth form studying photography, media and English. I
became a part of Riverhead Producers 3 months ago after a few of my friends had
joined and were sharing their enthusiasm with me.

As a group, we are currently working
towards our anniversary event, which will be held on the 21st June.
To ensure that we are all prepared for the day we have been given our own
roles, which we have to fulfill to guarantee the success of the group. These
include things not only on the night but also in the run up to this. One of the
most important tasks is promotion. This means spreading the word in anyway
possible, a few strategies we have used in the past (and will be using for the
current event) are handing out leaflets to local shops, schools and public
places, posting over social media and possibly the most important through word
of mouth. One of the first things we had to do was brainstorm what we wanted
the event to be. We came to the conclusion that we wanted to have a celebration
of the things we have achieved and really showcase the other events we have
organized. One of the main ideas we had was a festival atmosphere; we plan to
provide food and refreshments for our audience whilst a ‘busker’ plays which
enables them to not only enjoy the entertainment but also find out some more
information about the producers and why we are all there. Alongside a few more
traditional ‘sit down’ performers and a potential high profile comedian.

I think that the Riverhead Producers one year anniversary is going to be an amazing
night that you do not want to miss!