Music marketing and promotion workshop with Access to Music!

Posted by YoungCut Lincoln Drill Hall

Music marketing and promotion workshop with Access to Music!

Hey Guys, my name’s Luke Yeomans and I’m 15 years old. I’m a relatively new
member of YoungCut.

Last week we enjoyed a great Marketing workshop with Vince and Dan from the
Access To Music College in Lincoln.

We wrote down all the possible ways we currently use to contact and
discover acts and then discussed other methods that we could use, such as
creating a database to keep track of such things as: price, number of people
they bought to the show, quality of their act, etc, which should make choosing
acts for future shows a lot easier.

We discussed the importance of contracts and the things that you have to
negotiate with acts, such as riders. A rider is a list of things that the act
has requested such as food, drinks, free tickets, etc. This is something to be
negotiated as a lot of bands just request things because they feel that they
can. Another important thing to negotiate is payment. If you’re booking an act
and you aren’t sure of how many people they will bring, it is often preferable
to offer a lower fee as well as a percentage of the ticket sales. This is
called a percentage deal. We also discussed the importance of cancellation fees
for acts that back out of events to cover the organiser’s costs.

We discussed the idea of YoungCut as a brand and the different ways we
could sell that brand. We talked about the importance of a logo and the way it
can affect how people recognise your brand. Keeping social networking sites up
to date can be crucial to keeping people connected as well as using Keep Warm
Activities, which are smaller events you can organise to keep your following
interested such as an open mic night or a small show.

This workshop has given us a lot of food for thought and ideas for how we
could market ourselves better and hopefully we shall be putting a few of these
ideas into practice soon, in preparation for LOV Music Festival.