Blind Hamlet

Posted by Emily Bowman

Blind Hamlet

Blind Hamlet was a performance that was a one of kind experience. There was no actors, just one voice recording telling his story of going blind and his emotional journey along the way, done in a witty and comical way.

Although at first the audience were feeling a little shifty looking around at their fellow neighbours all collectively thinking are we really sitting here for an hour listening to a voice recording.. But within ten or so minutes things started getting more interactive, the recorded voice asked one of the members of the audience in a specific seat to come and sit on stage.. He then was asked to read part of a script, and went on to pick freely two more members of the audience to join until it got to six people from the audience sat on stage, they represented other blind patients. 

The voice recording- an Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour confronts the slow loss of his sight and the fact he's never read Hamlet.

I was one of lucky six picked to sit on stage, the lights were bright and my hands we're sweaty, but I soon learnt to relax a little as the voice recording tried to put us in a meditational state of mind. Throughout the play the choices are made by the audience, so it's very interactive and you're not quite sure what's going to happen next! The voice recording plays around with chance and fate by getting the patients/selected audience members to participate in games which manipulated thoughts and scenarios.

I would thoroughly recommend this show to anyone with an open mind, and a willingness to let your self imagine the unimaginable.