Lincoln Art Summer School 2014

Posted by Tom Briggs

Lincoln Art Summer School 2014

This week we’ve been working with 10 very talented young artists to make new work in different ways. Over the last four days Workshop Leader Kate Genever has held a series of sessions to help broaden student’s approach to art. The central idea that there is no way one way to make work and that art students should be expose to as much as possible for their art.

In the week the groups started with a personal tour of the Opem 3 exhibition at the Collection followed by the Oliver Laric exhibition at the Usher Gallery both form the gallery’s Curator Ash (NAME). The work of Michael Shaw was then explored in greater depth with a workshop on inflatable sculpture. Day two held an exploration of different themes and the decision of the group that they would make work inspired by nature, and they began making sculptures out of anything they could find. On Wednesday the artists were encouraged to return to the canvas and to draw on big scale some of the work left over from yesterday. It was then down to the group to curate their work in the studio space at Bishops Grosseteste and create an interesting exhibit.

Michael Shaw came in on the Wednesday afternoon, to discuss among other things his projects that were never commissioned, and some of those who had. James E Smith also exhibited in Opem 3 also joined us in the afternoon for some discussion of hugely different styles and methodologies of making. And both stuck around all the groups previous work was placed in the middle of the room and all of the walls covered in blank paper.

Day 4 started with a great exercise to cover the whole room in pictures, all along the walls the group created drawings that were beautiful and found relationships, some were joined up and others were extended or altered by new artists, as the morning went on more and more layers of pictures, built up and incredible landscape. In just two hours the group had covered 15 metres of wall in their work. That afternoon saw even more creating this time with a completely free reign, using any of the skills they’d picked up so far.

The final day, had a real end of term atmosphere as some continued to select work they would like to be exhibited and others continued to work in new mediums, foremost among these was lino printing, headed up by LOV’s own Alice, who had been printing ice creams more or less all week. Finally the group made their way down to the collection and the building was turned over to them to place their art work next to the exhibits that had inspired them more pictures can be seen here

Throughout the week I was able to collect some lovely interviews with are participants and a few of our brilliant volunteers from Bishops Grosseteste University here are few of the things they said.

“They’ve really thrown themselves into everything so I think it’s been a really fantastic experience for them to do something different from what they would be doing at school”

Janet Taylor, BGU Student

“I’ve met some very talented students with an tremendous passion for art, and in that has taught me  new experiences and applications I would have never considered. I hope that people join this programme in the future and come along and explore their 'inner artist' , Its been fab!

Justine Sing, BGU Student

“I’ve learnt that you don’t need to be scared of mistakes…We’re all full of Drawings. It’s just experimenting…really relaxed just doing art”

Alfie, 17.

“Complete freedom to create”

Ellis, 17.

“I really like just working with other people and what we did today, I like the process”

Caroline, 16.

“Everyone’s really good at art and not annoying… Best art course I’ve attended”

George, 16.

It stretches you and opens boundaries, lets you see more than just your art, it’s opens your mind to new things”

Louise, 16.

“It’s been really creative and crazy…in good a way”

Katie, 15.

“It’s nice not to have to do things for marks, you can explore things that you may not have the time to or courage to do if you were in exams”

May, 16.

“I’ve really enjoyed being able to do anything you really want but also curation and having a go at it ourselves.

Georgie, 17.

More Pictures from the week can be found on our UYC Flickr page