First LOV: Usher Young Creatives

Posted by Tom Briggs

First LOV: Usher Young Creatives

Our New Group for all budding Visual Artists, The Usher Young Creatives will work with professional artists to create new and interesting work and to create unique events and exhibitions for young people. We’ll specialise in new mediums and styles that you won’t have tried in A Level or GSCE art and we focus on the professional skills of building, curating and advertising our exhibitions.

First up we’ll be working with Danica Maier in relation to ‘Subversive textiles’ exhibition, and finding new ways to create work for you, the group will have a space in Lincoln that only they curate filling it with their own work for everyone to see.

The Group will be run in the Usher Gallery from Wednesday 10th of September at 4:30pm but you can join us at any time. Contact