Classic Takeover Presents Lifetime

We’ve been counting down the days and we’re almost there! Have you bought you’re tickets yet. At such cheap prices especially for under 26s why not?? Tomorrow at Spaldings own South Holland Centre at 7:30, Youth Takeover are bringing to you our unique event Lifetime, a mixture of classical and contemporary music brought to you by City of London Sinfonia and musicians local to Spalding. Alfie jack who are one of the acts playing are a duo of brothers who are popular within Spaldings Youth Takeover and often play at their monthly Acoustic Cafe also held at the South Holland Centre. Another favourite local to Spalding is the multi-talented Tommy Loose who is interestingly playing the harp guitar in the performance with his own song ‘Memories of Me’ adapted to include City of London Sinfonia aswell as Alfie Jacks song ‘A Lifetime’. We all hope to see you there for our unique once in a lifetime event!