Emerging talent at Grantham: Stereo Noise Debut.

Posted by Kate Newman

Emerging talent at Grantham: Stereo Noise Debut.

It is amazing at what can be accomplished in a matter of weeks when working with passionate and creative young people, this statement has never been more true as the Guildhall Producers, (re-named Stereo Noise for this particular project) took to the stage to present their very own original song, music video, behind the scenes documentary and acoustic set.

Back in September the group began working with Lincolnshire musician and music co-ordinator at LOV George Barnett, who had planned an exciting 6 week programme;

Week 1: An Introduction to Song Writing and Aspirations - 14/9/17

Week 2: Creating the Lyrics for a collective song - 21/9/17

Week 3: Song development: Putting a melody to the lyrics - 28/9/17

Week 4: Recording Session - 5/10/17

Week 5: Create a music Video for the song - 12/10/17

Week 6: Advertising, creating a CD cover. – 19/10/17

By week 2 of the programme, the word had spread (thank you lovely Marketing Assistant Leonie!) and I was inundated with emails from young people wanting to get involved. One of the major successes of this particular programme was that we welcomed some new recruits to the Guildhall Producers (who are now a group of 15 strong, all of whom are equally enthusiastic and talented.) It has been wonderful getting to know the new members and watching them become more and more confident as each week passed.

On November 2nd the group presented their work to friends, family,staff at the Guildhall Arts Centre and members of the public. Their acoustic set took place in the café at the arts centre and acted as a curtain raiser for Canadian folk band Ten Strings and a Goats Skin. Over the 6 weeks the group worked together to come up with a collaborative song, but some members felt so inspired that they began writing their own songs and performed them at the showcase. Most of the group had never performed at a public event before, so it was massive achievement for them. The audience were delighted with the curtain raiser and the efforts of our young people and commented 'I really liked how inclusive and supportive it was for all the participants.' (Female audience member, 47.) 'A really nice relaxed atmosphere.' (Male audience member, 36.) 'It is a joy to see young people interested in live music.' (Male audience member, 67.)

As a well deserved treat after their showcase, the group went to watch Ten Strings and a Goats Skin, some members of the group seemed hesitant to watch folk music at first, but by the interval they were completely invested and having an absolute blast (much to the amusement of myself, as they cheered, clapped and had rapport with the band.) It was a lovely end to a very intense, fun and heart-warming few weeks.