Writing original songs with The Pylons at Get the Gig.

Posted by Kate Newman

Writing original songs with The Pylons at Get the Gig.

The LOV team were out in full force for this particular event. With over 70 students coming from surrounding schools, it was all hands on deck to ensure the event ran smoothly. It was decided that each project worker would be teamed up with a particular workshop facilitator. Over the course of the day I was helping out nationally recognised band The Pylons.

The Pylons are a 6-piece indie-pop band who met whilst at school in
Lincolnshire. Since then, the band have spent time honing their song writing,
production and performing as well as gaining a wealth of experience. The
group have played at prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and
the BBC introducing Stage at Glastonbury in 2016. The band have also had
airplay on national radio including BBC 6 music and Radio 1 as well as
amassing over 1 million online streams.

The workshop they presented was based on their success and how they create music as a band and how young people can replicate it in their own homes. As a group the young people were helped by band members Joe and Joey to create an original song. Beginning with some key chords then adding a melody, drums, bass and synth sounds to give it the distinct Pylons feel to the song that they are so well known for.

Once the song was created, Joe split the group into 5 smaller groups in which each them had to come up with some lyrics to the song, and at the end of the session were asked to share their work with the rest of the group. I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate to creativity of our young people by sharing some of the lyrics that they came up with during the workshop. Some created some very heartfelt and poetic lyrics, showing just how talented young people can be, whereas others decided to have more fun and be more playful - there was a song about the love of pudding, which was a particular highlight of mine.

'Your heart's cold, so I'm frozen.

Your heart's cold, and I'm losing.

Your heart's cold, to get through I've gotta be bold.

Years gone by, nothing's changed.

I spend hours just to get away (from you.) So let's go, let's change, let's escape what is holding us back.'

'I love pudding, feed me pudding, put that pudding right in my mouth.

There's lots of sugar, it makes me hyper so that is why I love pudding.'

'Feeling cold and distraught, Watching IT and feeling sick.

In traffic I've been caught, wish that I was moving quick.'

'We're here now, and our stomach's growl. We really want some food.

Come and join us, and eat with us, whilst we make some tunes.'

' This isn't a chain reaction. I don't want to be here on my own. I don't want to be your distraction. I'm not here to, I'm not here to - I'm just here to take you home.'